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We specialize in helping small-business owners with 5-50 employees make IT easy. Whether you already have in-house IT and need specific services or you'd like us to handle Everything IT, we get to work FAST.
Hello business owner,

Are you tired of dealing with IT service providers that:
  • Are impossible to reach
  • Never really solve your issues
  • Lock you into long-term contracts
  • Give you more work than when you hired them
  • Make your employees feel weird
 Do You Want 
  • To free up your time
  • Support that responds within 5 minutes of your request, on average
  • NO CONTRACT, Month-to-month, subscription-based support
  • To have all IT functions taken off your plate
  • Expert techs that your employees will love
  • A more secure IT environment with modern technology
  • An IT partner that meets with you regularly to make sure your technology is supporting your business growth
If you want more time, no contracts, expert techs, and more security against cyberattacks then keep reading below!
If you want less time, more problems, and more risk to cyberattacks then leave this page now as what we are offering isn't for you...
We don’t believe in offering good, better, or best support packages. 

Your business deserves the best at a great price. Anything less is complicated and leaves your business open to unnecessary security risks. 

We take all your daily IT functions off your plate and provide a help desk team your employees will love.
– COO                     
Everything IT Pros helped take our organization to a much more organized and secure position. Downtime and security breaches were always a possibility before, but we now have peace of mind knowing that they are taking care of us!
Working with Everything IT Pros has been a most satisfying business relationship and is proving to be one of the single best decisions we have made for our company over the last seven years. It only took one meeting to experience the measurable differences, these guys really are the best in their field. 

They are some of the most consistent and diligent people with whom we have ever had the pleasure of working. Their attention to detail is impeccable, their on-call availability is second to none, and their standard for our satisfaction was even beyond my own. They are the best at what they do, and they have won our trust and loyalty.
– Founders
Take A Look At What Other Business Owners Have Said
I was really appreciative of the Everything Pros Team support, including laptop, desktop and other IT challenges that would pop up.

Anytime I had a problem, even on weekends, they responded quickly to phone call or text. Very professional. Great follow through. Highly recommend.
– Owner
– EA to C-Suite                     
I have enjoyed working with Everything IT Pros. They are always available with quick turn around time. They seem to know exactly what we need to eliminate the problem. I worked with several IT companies in the past and Everything IT Pros certainly stand out above them all.
They've really gone the extra mile. As a result, we have great confidence that we've hired an IT Team who knows what they're doing and stands behind their work.

All in all, we highly recommend Everything IT Pros to any company that wants to take the burden of security and performance off their shoulders and leave it with a company that will give them the excellence and security they deserve.
– CEO & Senior Pastor  
– CEO & Senior Pastor
Hello There,

Matt Medina here - Co Founder of Everything IT Pros, the go-to modern Managed Service Provider for small businesses that want to claim back their time and make IT easy.

Outsourced IT solutions have been an absolute game-changer for our clients, businesses just like yours.

You can see some of the testimonials of our clients on this page. They have claimed back hours and hours of their time each week and improved the overall security of their IT.

If you want to know the features they used to take back hours of their time each week and improve security against the growing threat of cyber attacks...here is how!
With our Powered Plans, we are able to service all your daily IT functions. Whether you want us to take Everything off your plate or work with your existing IT staff to provide some extra muscle, we have a plan for all of it (users, servers, and network devices.)

You get to choose the level of support you want.

Not every business is the same and not all MSPs are equal. We have structured our Powered Plans to fit your needs, budget, and provide tremendous value.

Our onboarding period is fast! We actually named our process "Instant Onboarding" as you are immediately sent step-by-step instructions to get your new Powered services up and running in no time.

So if you are ready to claim back your time and improve your IT security against cyber attacks, here's how you can sign up for the Powered Plans today.
You will gain:
And if you sign up for a Powered Plan, we will include all of the following five bonuses - worth around $1,000 USD on average (and not available separately) - FREE

So in addition to your Powered Plan, we will give you all of the following as a part of your signing up today.
Bonus #1 ($200)
As a bonus, when you sign up today, you will receive a scheduled phishing email test. This email test will test two criteria. Do phishing emails surpass your domain's spam filtering and how many users click the link in the test.

Yours Free as a bonus when you sign up today.
Bonus #2 ($160)
You will receive a spoof test of your business domain and send spoofed emails to your employees. We will be able to test the capabilities of your email security and the response of employees.
Bonus #3 ($110)
90% of phishing exploits are from manual interactions. Your employees will receive short videos narrated by Hollywood actors each week that will give key tips on ways to lower the risk of becoming a victim of a phishing attack
Bonus #4 ($400)
Windows 11 takes a massive step forward in OS security with built-in ransomware protection. We will upgrade your devices to Windows 11 (must have Windows 10 Pro) at a scheduled time.
Bonus #5 ($130)
No more passwords on sticky notes or shared passwords via email. You remember one password and our encrypted password manager solution handles the rest. 
Frequently Asked Questions

We provide overview reports and schedule regular cadence meetings to make sure that we are providing excellent service. If there is something where we haven't hit the mark, let us know and we would be ecstatic for the opportunity to make it right! 

However, our Powered Plans have no contracts and are a month-to-month subscription. Just give us a heads-up two weeks prior to the next billing cycle and we will makes sure that the off-boarding is scheduled and you are not charged for the next month. We believe in earning your business week after week!

Great question! "Instant Onboarding" is what we call the system we've developed to get new clients from payment to benefiting from our services in as little time as possible. Once you have signed up and made your first payment, automated emails with detailed instructions are sent directly to your email. These emails will have Everything you need to get our agent onto your devices. Once our agent is installed, our security stack is automagically installed and configured. One of our customer success managers will then reach out to you for an introductory call/zoom to make sure the rollout was a success!

We can support them all! We need to be informed of any time zone differences during the Instant Onboarding so that we can provide coverage during any overlapping periods.

In our Instant Onboarding emails we request that you submit a list of all authorized users within the first week. We have hiring/firing SOPs that help our organizations stay in sync about any employee turnover or growth. This helps us maintain a secure environment and know the names of who we are supporting!

We provide reports and cadence meetings to show results, discuss scalability needs of the business for yearly growth, and any projects that need to be taken care of.

Just send an email to matt@eitpros.com & I will get back to you asap.
Now It's Your Turn. Start Your Powered Plan Today!
I'd like to invite you to take back some of your time and make IT easy so you can start focusing on the areas that matter to you.

We've made sure that this is as simple of a decision that you will come across in the MSP space.

Thank you so much for the opportunity to serve your organization by taking all your daily IT functions off of your plate.

To show my appreciation, I want to extend a limited time 20% discount on our Powered Plans. Simply use the "Book A Call Now" button to schedule your "no pressure" appointment and mention code: POWERED during your call to claim the discount. 

I want to highlight that this is NOT a sales call. We are here to listen to your needs and partner with you if you decide you'd like to take back your time.

I look forward to creating a lifelong partnership!

- Matt Medina
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